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Request More Info on MDF or PVC Trim & Moulding

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Alexandria MDF Moulding and the Environment

Alexandria MDF EcoPLANThe environment is a high priority in producing Alexandria MDF Moulding. They have instituted policies favoring suppliers with managed, sustainable forests. Alexandria MDF Moulding has always strived to  use wood fibers in the production of MDF mouldings. They also recycle production byproducts during manufacturing. Alexandria purchased Rpoal Woodworking in 2012 thus providing their customers with a wide variety of wood trim and moulding.

Alexandria’s MDF moulding tolerances are among the strictest in the industry. In every stage of Alexandria MDF moulding production, care is taken to assure the products stringent quality controls by gauging the product against a recognized standard.


Alexandria provides sophisticated lines of painted MDF moulding. These afford you the stunning touches that enhance any room with your own personal taste and style. The possibilities are endless to spruce up any room. Replace the casings and baseboards or add crown moulding or a chair rail. Alexandria MDF mouldings allow you to take a room in any imaginative direction you can think of reaching. Take your room from dull and tired to modern and fabulous.

What is Alexandria’s MDF Moulding?

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is one of the fastest growing composite fibre board products on the trim and moulding market, as well as other markets such as in door production.

Alexandria MDF moulding and trim is manufactured first by processing wood chips and sawdust down to a very fine, even microscopic level. A resin is then blended in bonding these fibres together. Alexandria MDF moulding can be either softwoods or hardwoods, or a mixture of both.

The surface of Alexandria MDF moulding and trim is usually flat and smooth. It is also, unlike most wood products, free of  any knots or grain. This uniform surface makes finishing the material with paint easier providing a more consistent look. As paint quality and application varies by manufacturer, read your paint label so as to achieve the very best results. Installing MDF is similar to traditional wood products. Alexandria MDF mouldings are economical providing a higher cost savings over traditional wood mouldings.

Alexandria Moulding has two Canadian Mega Centres that look after Alexandria MDF, Wood & Vinyl Moulding and Trim manufacturing and distribution requirements.