Request a Koltech Replacement Window Quote

Call Chris at 705-329-1084 or request a quote or schedule a visit.

Request a Koltech Window Quote

Call Chris at 705-329-1084 or request a quote.

Request a Koltech Replacement Window Quote

Call Chris at 705-329-1084 or request a quote or schedule a visit.

The most popular window sold today is a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) window.

Double HungMany companies manufacture several different types. Common among these are casement and awning windows. These function through the cranking of a handle to open and close the window sash. This design is superior in energy efficient to all other operating windows.

Another typical design is a sliding window … either side sliding or vertical. Benefits of side sliders are its low cost and easy cleaning ability. Vertical sliders, (or hung windows) provide a classic look and are also a low maintenance design.

Picture windows, architectural shapes, bows and bays are some other common types.


One of the most important values a window can have is its performance against the cold and wind. Most manufacturers build their windows to meet building code requirements and/or Energy Star requirements. Low emissive glass technology, (low E) , combined with an argon gas fill and a warm edge spacer in the thermopane help provide high energy performance. Multi chamber vinyl frames and sashes also help achieve energy efficiency.

Options and Accessories

Factory installed grill work, such as grills between the glass or an SDL (simulated divided light) pattern , add street appeal or achieve a heritage look. A variety of brickmoulds allow the easy combination of the window with siding , stucco , brick or stone. Interior jamb extensions are available in natural wood, primed pine, or all vinyl and are popular options for use in new home construction.

Of course the option of color is now very commonly requested. Typically a window can be painted on the exterior side with the interior left white , but some companies offer an interior color as well. Paint is available at OTD.


Single Tilt Slider

Crucial to the purchase of a window is the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Most offer a minimum of a twenty year seal failure warranty combined with a limited lifetime warranty on the vinyl extrusions used in the frame, sash, and brickmoulds. Hardware typically has similar coverage. Some companies have even stretched their warranty to accommodate any labour expense incurred by warranty work for the period of one year after the purchase date.

Dealer, Installer and Manufacturer

When looking to purchase windows for a new home project or looking to replace some older existing windows …. It is important to choose an experienced dealer, installer and manufacturer combination.

Vinyl Bow Window Windows

Double Slider Tilt