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NEW! Inverter Generator

King Canada KCG-4000i Generator
KCG-4000i Inverter Generator

KCG-4000i Inverter


Powerful 7.5 HP 4 Stroke Air Cooled OVH Engine

 KCG-4000i Specifications


Generators with Electric Start & Wheel Kit










Digital Inverter Generators






Generators with Wheel Kit




















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OTD has offered King Canada tools and gas powered electric generators for about 15 years in the Orillia region including North Simcoe and Muskoka. The generators have proven to be a work-force on the job site and a reliable source of power in hundreds of homes.

Our portable generators are offered at very competitive pricing, in fact we believe the best in the region.

Go ahead and explore the various models and don't hesitate to call or stop by OTD for real world advice on how to select the right model for your application.


Generator Notes:

Some assembly required.

OTD recommends non-ethanol hi-grade gasoline. Oil also required.

OTD recommends a run in period with no load after purchase. We also recommend running the generator with a small load on a monthly basis for about 15 minutes. This will help in assuring the unit is ready when you need it to work.

KCG-10000GE KCG-8500GE KCG-6500G KCG-6501G KCG-5625 KCG-7500 KCG7501 KCG-4200G KCG-3500 KCG-1500 KCG-1501G KCG-950 KCG-951G