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floor transition moulding

Available in Red Oak, Maple, Birch, Pine, Cherry, Ash, Beech, Hickory, Mahogany, etc.

OTD supplies a wide range of floor transition mouldings in several sizes covering all types of flooring needs. The quality manufacturing process means no shrinkage and little sanding prior to finishing the floor transition mouldings. Matching wood trim and moulding are typically available for baseboards, casing, etc.


Floor Transition Mouldings, Carpet Reducers, T-Moulds  and Stair Bull Nose



T-Mouldings are commonly used under doorways to bridge the transition from one room to another. It is also used to transition from one floor material to another when both are the same height.

Offset T-Moulding

Like T-Mouldings, Offset T-Mouldings are commonly used under doorways to bridge the transition from one room to another where one floor is higher than the other.


Carpet ReducerCarpet Reducer

A floor transition moulding used to go from a hard surface to carpet.


Flush Reducer Floor Transition MouldingsFlush Reducer

A floor transition moulding used to go from one hard surface to another where there is a slight height difference.


Bi-level ReducerBi-Level Reducer

Typically used to transition from 3/4" hardwood floors to lower heights such as ceramic tile or with carpeting.


end capEnd Cap

End cap are used to transition from laminate to carpet. Also used at sliding door areas where expansion is needed.


stair bull nose

Bull Nose for Stair Treads

The Bull Nose adds style and function to enhance the beauty of a staircase.

How To Put Bull Nose on Stairs


Floor Transition Moulding Uses

Floor transition moulding is necessary when installing a new floor or replacing an old one.  You will need to install  a floor transition  moulding when one floor meets another type of floor at the seam. This will help you cover the gap and make it a more elegant transition from one floor to the next. There are a few different choices whether you are transitioning two floor at the same level, at different levels, or from a hard surface, like hardwood floors, to carpet. These various floor transition mouldings are available in a number of profiles, styles and wood species. In most cases you should be able to find a stock solution but in rare cases you may need a custom solution.

When One Floor is Higher Than The Other

When one floor is higher than the other you have a couple of choices. One choice is a simple flush reducer (see image below). These also can be called a flush vinyl reducer. The flush reducer is a floor transition moulding that is higher on one side and that tapers down towards the lower floor.  This makes for a nice looking, gentle slope that makes it less likely for someone to trip. Various heights of flush reducer floor transition moulding are available for differing applications.

Another type of floor transition moulding for differing levels is the Offset T-Moulding. One arm of the "T" is offset by the other such that when it is put in place one arm is tight against the lower floor while the other is tight against the higher floor. Various offset sizes and overall thicknesses are available.